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Downers Grove (Formerly Lombard)

1431 Opus Place,

Suite 200
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Focusing On What Matters

At Cornerstone Advisers, we have a “philosophy” or a “mission statement” that we work with and is central to everything that we do…and it’s quite simple:

Clients Come First.

When we focus on you, we can help you succeed in preparing for life. And that’s what brings us the most joy and satisfaction.

We use what we call the “financial needs cornerstones” to develop holistic financial plans that can help prepare you for life. You can read more about each of these by going to the how we help section of our website.

The Cornerstone Advisers team can help with almost every element of your financial life. Our team members have backgrounds in estate planning, trusts, tax planning, risk management, investment management, life insurance, and more. We promise to constantly focus on your needs above all, and will use the holistic approach of the financial needs cornerstones to help meet your goals.

With all of us working together to bring these elements into your financial plan, we can develop a solid cornerstone to help you prepare for life.