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Protecting Your Loved Ones

Just as the clients of Cornerstone Advisers are the most important thing to us, your loved ones are likely the most important thing in your life. Protecting them is one of the best ways you can prepare for life.

At Cornerstone Advisers, one of our financial needs cornerstones we help cover is making sure that our clients' families are taken care of in the case of debilitating or life-altering events. While building a nest egg and having income strategies in place for retirement can help offset these costs, having solutions dedicated to protecting your loved ones is not only prudent, but increasingly critical as we live longer and health care costs increase.

It’s never a fun conversation to have, but we believe it’s a crucial element of a holistic and strong financial plan. We help our clients prepare for the following life events in order to protect their loved ones:

  • Nursing home care and long-term health care costs
  • Disability income replacement in the case of an accident or debilitating injury
  • Life insurance coverage in the case of losing a loved one
  • Beneficiary designation and management to ensure as life moves forward and relationships change, your beneficiaries are cared for
  • Access to legal consultants to ensure everything is aligned appropriately

At Cornerstone Advisers we put our clients first, and that means we put their families first as well.

We would love the opportunity to work with you to ensure your corners are covered. We invite you to contact us so we can make sure your family is cared and provided for.