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Downers Grove (Formerly Lombard)

1431 Opus Place,

Suite 200
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Getting Started

Working with Cornerstone Advisers is something we hope you to find seamless, easy and, well, wonderful. We sure think it would be wonderful to partner with you!

We walk through the following questions with our clients as we prepare for life together:

  • Meeting basic needs: What are your living expenses? Are they being met with your regular income? Do you expect those expenses to change in the next few years or when you retire?
  • Satisfying lifestyle needs: What sort of lifestyle do you want to have? Is it within reach with your current income? Do you have any large expenses upcoming, like purchasing a second home or taking a long vacation?
  • Saving an emergency fund: How many miles are on your car? How old is your roof? Are there any health conditions in your family we should prepare for?
  • Planning for your future: What investments do you currently have? Are they protected from market volatility? Do they have the best potential to grow over time? What income will you receive through retirement? Do you have protection in place for your family?
  • Leaving a legacy: Do you have children or grandchildren you’d like to help get started? Are you involved in any charities or do you donate regularly to any? Are your legacy investments planned so they are minimally affected by taxes?

After we speak about all these questions (and maybe a few more), the Cornerstone Advisers team uses our financial needs cornerstones to develop a personalized, holistic financial plan that will help ensure you’re covered from every corner:

Please contact the Cornerstone Advisers office nearest you, or call our main number at 844.344.PLAN, to make an appointment with one of our advisers. We would be happy to hear from you!